About Us

About Us


Our team at Mishki Baby Toys is dedicated to instilling confidence in families navigating the early stages of parenthood. While parenting can be very rewarding and bring great joy, it is also one of the most challenging journeys most people will experience in their lives. It is our mission to be a helping hand to parents, so they can focus on enjoying this special time.

How do we do this? We build real connections with families like yours. We recognize our customers as our “friends” and treat them accordingly. Many of our team members are parents too and know firsthand the challenges faced in those hectic first few years. We continually strive to innovate and evolve to better support you and empower you during your shopping experience.

To help you make the best product decisions for your family, we ensure our retail teams are extremely knowledgeable — receiving countless hours of training, including product knowledge sessions hosted by brand representatives.

We also have fantastic online resources for families seeking support from the comfort of home. Our Learning Centre is home to hundreds of articles ranging from product reviews and comparisons to expert advice in areas such as sleep training, breastfeeding, and so much more.

Mishki Baby Toys also instills confidence through our proven track record of dependability. We always ship online purchases as quickly as possible, provide 30-day return policies on all returnable products, and have compassionate and competent customer service representatives available to resolve any issues you may have.



Everything we do at Mishki Baby Toys is in accordance with our company philosophies.